Tuesday Testimony: Free!

Tuesday Testimony: Free! #DALANEL


I’m so glad Jesus found me and changed me.  He turned my life around and me made me whole; im a witness Jesus Christ is real and I love him so much because he first love me.  I thank him everyday for my life because he gave me a brand new life.  I was lost, I hated my life, I was suicidal, I hated myself and I had no control.

I was an alcoholic ever since I was 7 or 8 years old.  I was abused.  I…

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Monday Motivation: Share a good news story on your blog

Monday Motivation: Share a good news story on your blog #DALANEL


Here’s a challenge to you for this week: Spread the good news. Talk about the hero. Talk about a personal story. Find some kind of story that showcases the positive that’s going on in this world.

Need help?

Visit common sites like Huff Post, ABC, and the like. You should be able to find (though sadly it’s not very easy) the good news or positive news section.

A better place however is Good News…

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Sep 9

Probably done sports blogging

Probably done sports blogging. For good? Eh…

I loved my time on FanSided. However, I didn’t enjoy some of the things I had to write about.

I’m talking about rumors for the most part.

I hate writing about rumors. A lot of them are false. And while they may be false, some will believe it and it can harm (or sometimes help but rarely) a person’s reputation.

I also didn’t like dealing with “Sources” all too much. Reports and stuff like that…

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Sep 8

Racism is interesting

I’ve always thought that racism was interesting.

This is a delicate topic that I happen to think that people can overreact to.

I’m not diving into the Mike Brown stuff right now; the timing is just convenient.

I strongly believe that racism is alive because of ignorance. I think that the way the media portrays races fuels this ignorance.

However, I think there’s double standard too. Best believe…

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Sep 8

Monday Motivation: Follow my lighting crew’s pledge

Monday Motivation: Follow my lighting crew’s pledge #DALANEL


Kind. Respectful. Honest.

Over this summer, I’ve created a handbook to guide the crew members I have for the lighting crew at my church. Those three words are the pledge. No, I don’t require them to raise a hand or say “I pledge to…”

But, as with any pledge, it’s a promise. This promise is for the members of the crew to be kind, honest, and respectful to each other. At all times. All three get…

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Sep 5

Scout: Dante Exum “not ready for the NBA”

Scout: Dante Exum “not ready for the NBA” #DanteBall


Dante Exum has been playing in the Summer League for the Utah Jazz and is currently playing for Australia for the FIBA World Cup.

With a lot more eyes on him than ever before, we try to put the pieces together as to how impactful he’ll be during a regular NBA season and possibly his career.

Well, one scout says that he’s not ready for the NBA. What does that even mean?


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Sep 5

Why I may fail as a family man

I never wanted to start a family. I’ve always wondered why that was.

I think I got it.

Until I believe that I can be a leader, there’s no way I’ll be comfortable trying to start a family and leading the way as the head of the household.

Not to mention that I’m not too confident that I’ll even be able to support them. Back in the day, the men went out and worked while the women stayed home and…

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Sep 4

Updated About.Me page

Howdy. About.me is a nifty little social media type thing by the same folks running WordPress. Recently (a few weeks ago) they added some new features for your profile on there.

I went ahead and updated my page on there. This most likely will play a major role as my social central. Links to my work, my bio, and more are there in one convenient place. Those of you that use the plugin for you WP…

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Sep 2

Thoughts on Tuesday Testimony

Thoughts on Tuesday Testimony #DALANEL


Tuesday Testimony was one of those features I struggled with for months deciding if I would make it a featured post of not. On one hand, it went well with the theme of the blog. But, I always try to see if there’s a lot of content to make a featured post.

Finding testimonies has been slightly difficult. This featured post is my least favorite, straight up, yo. This does not mean I dislike it…

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Sep 1

Thoughts on Monday Motivation

Thoughts on Monday Motivation #DALANEL


Monday Motivation has been pretty good. I enjoy writing out the messages. You notice they are typically short and straight to the point. That’s just how I am.

Recent weeks it’s become a challenge to think of areas of motivation. Sometimes I’ll look at quotes on motivation and use those to inspire a post.

What’s funny is that I don’t look back on my posts (that goes for just about everything I’ve…

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